Yaya Toure and Exit Threat

Yaya Toure


Manchester City FC officials have admitted that they have been shaken to the root level after their Ivorian-born goal-miller Gnégnéri Yaya Touré indicated his is tired with the club and eager to leave.Sources close to Yaya’s camp have also confirmed that: Yaya is disillusioned at the English club and was ready to take a pay cut to get out of Man city.

The Man City power house midfielder would relish a return to Barcelona, his managers said.

Though the Ivorian chose to make his birth day celebration on 13 May 2014 a low-key event; one of his associates said that: “Yaya conferred to me that it is time for me to move on”!

This revelation has put to rest weeks of speculations intimating that the 31-year-old has made up his mind to return to Barcelona.



( Courtesy APA & Manchester City FC ……. Source …….. Our Freelance Contributor in London)

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