Visa Requirements Are Forcing So Many To Try Coming To Europe Illegally

Father mussie-zerai-yosief

Priest accuses EU of pushing immigrants into the hands of traffickers.

European Union’s tough visa requirements are forcing so many to try coming to Europe illegally, Fr Mussie Zerai Yosief, President of the Habeshia Agency for cooperation and development, has said.

He told Fides News Agency that the EU was partly to be blamed for the tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea.

Fr. Zerai said: “The responsibility of this tragedy is partly European because the Embassies of European Countries have blocked the release of visas. For example, the Italian Embassy in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda, are blocking the visas of thousands of women and children, waiting to come to Italy to be reunited with their relatives, despite the grant of permission by the Ministry of the Interior. The desperation of these people is pushing them to travel via Libya to reach Italy illegally.”

Fr. Zerai told the EU by that by “closing the legal access, you push these people into the hands of traffickers.”

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