US$100 Million High Way Robbery



The Ghanaian media was on Thursday awash by the US100million grants for Accra from Abu Dhabi and highway robbery that resulted in the death of a driver.The state-owned Daily Graphic reporting from a meeting between the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of the United Arab Emirate (UAE) Sheikh Al Gaith and President John Dramani Mahama at Eastern Region city of Akosombo on Wednesday said, Abu Dhabi Development Fund has extended a grant of US$100million to the Government of Ghana to undertake infrastructural development.

The meeting according to the paper the meeting was a follow up the visit by President Mahama to the oil-rich country February this year where a number of issues were discussed.

The Ghanaian Times and other newspapers like The Chronicle, Daily Guide, and The Heritage focused on the highway robbery on Accra-Kumasi Highway in which a 32-year-old driver was killed in a cold blood as his truck was intercepted by the robbers.

Two passengers on board a VIP Bus sustained various injuries were sent to hospital for treatment. The suspected robbers were said to be of Fulani descent. Police have mounted vigorous search for the robbers.



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