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Montel Williams is a major TV personality in the US.  He has done many things in his life including military, show business and as a spokesman for multiple sclerosis (MS).  Montel was born in Baltimore in 1956 and was an accomplished scholar while growing up.  After graduation he entered the military and eventually ended up as a as a naval intelligence officer, specializing in languages.

He subsequently worked with the National Security Agency on classified missions.  All in all he was in the military for 22 years and towards the end of this career got involved with training and doing presentations.  This was an introduction to skills that he later developed which let to a new career in entertainment and eventually the made his a star with The Montel Williams Show.

Later in life he was diagnosed with MS and this led to his involvement with the the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) and the MS Foundation.  He is also a spokes man for payday loan company Money Mutual.



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