Rappers Game and T.I. Get Into Intense Confrontation

Rappers Game and T.I.

Rappers Game and T.I.








Things popped off outside of a popular Hollywood nightclub last night.

Rappers Game and T.I. got into an intense standoff against the LAPD in a parking lot near Supperclub in Los Angeles over some miscommunication. The duo heard that their buddies got into a brawl outside the club and for some reason thought it was with the authorities, when in fact, it was an altercation between their friend and the nightclub’s security.

T.I., Game and their entourage stormed out of the venue and faced off against nearly 10 officers in the lot. T.I. can be heard telling an officer, “Is this a crime scene? Y’all got a lot of people here to beat up,” according to a video posted on TMZ.

Then he’s heard yelling to the group, “The police didn’t do it. Security did,” and the entire group turns around and follows Game as he heads toward the club’s security.

Things quickly turned into another standoff between the rappers and their entourage and security. After some yelling, running and Game getting ready to fight (he started taking off his hat and sweater until his pal cooled him down), things seemed to settle down. With the LAPD still nearby and following their every move, the celebs and their friends returned to go back into the club, but were denied entry.

That set off a shoving match between Game and the bouncer at the door, but luckily that was broken up quickly.

When asked by E! News, LAPD confirmed that there was a fight but said no arrests were made.



( Courtesy E & TMZ ……. Source ……. New Africa Business News)
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