MasterCard Moves To Prevent Card Fraud

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MasterCard has moved to prevent payment card fraud by organising special training for merchants across the Nigeria.

A statement by the company quoted the Vice-President and Area Business Head, West Africa, Omokehinde Ojomuyide, as saying that the capacity development session was focused on card acceptance best practices, with emphasis on card security, fraud identification and management.

She said the training also looked at signage at points-of-sale terminals and cardholders’ support.

According to her, the training supports the Central Bank of Nigeria’s cash-less Nigeria policy and its drive to boost international payment card acceptance.

She said, “MasterCard’s vision for Nigeria is a world beyond cash. We are intent in fully supporting the Central Bank of Nigeria in achieving its goals of increasing electronic transactions in Nigeria. While progress is being made by Nigerian consumers, we are now working with the central bank, our licensed banks and merchants to increase the number of cash-less transactions made by international travellers to the country.”

Ojomuyide said over 100 merchants in the travel and hospitality industry, which attended the training held in Abuja, expressed renewed enthusiasm for the country’s move towards a cash-less society.

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