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The appointment of a Minister of Environment, the ruling party’s national mobiliser’s reaction for President Yahya Jammeh’s kingship, and the denial of the police to give permit to an opposition party to hold meetings and political rallies dominated Gambian newspapers in Thursday. The Point, Daily Observer and The Standard newspapers reported that President Jammeh has appointed Pa Ousman Jarju as Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Water Resources, Parks and Wildlife with immediate effect.

Until this development, Jarju was the director of the Department of Water Resources under the Ministry of Fisheries.

The Standard newspaper reported that the ruling APRC national mobiliser, Yankuba Colley, has countered opposition leader Ousainou Darboe’s criticism of calls by two parliamentarians for President Jammeh to be crowned king.

Reacting to statements by Mr Darboe, Mr Colley said: The president never said he wanted to be king.  He has never stood up and said to anybody ‘I want to be made king’. He has never said so. It is the idea, the mentality, the ideology and the wish of the people who are saying so. But I will support the move [to make the president king] because I move with the majority of the Gambian people.

Meanwhile, The Point reported that Hamat Bah leader of the opposition National Reconciliation Party ( NRP), Wednesday convened a press briefing announcing that, for the second time, the police have denied his party a permit to enable them tour and hold meetings in more than 100 villages in the Upper River Region.

In The Gambia, political parties are required under the Public Order Act to write to the police and apply for a permit, whenever they want to hold a mass meeting in a public place.

Mr Bah said the purpose of the proposed tour is to sensitize people on the NRP’s programmes, as part of preparations for a national convention.

In March 2014, the police turned down an application by the NRP to embark on a tour of URR villages.

The party’s leader said they were asked to reschedule the tour of the URR and re-apply for a permit, and they complied. Yet when they re-applied, again it was turned down.



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