Elizabeth Raine, American Student Selling Highest Bidder

Elizabeth Raine

Elizabeth Raine









Elizabeth Raine, an American medical student auctioning off her virginity online has now revealed her face.

Ms Raine, 27, uses the name Elizabeth Raine to protect her identity.
She previously hid her face in pictures and refused to reveal her identity. However, she has now decided to go public despite fearing she will be kicked out of university.

Ms Raine, who describes herself as “sensually stunning, highly educated, and charismatic American woman”, says on her website that “The winning bidder will receive a 12-hour date with me, during the course of which he will be offered my virginity.”

HuffPost US reported that the bid has hit the $300,000 mark.

Ms Raine’s decision to go public is meant to attract more bids.

Aware that some people may not believe that she is virgin, she says: “Really only the winning bidder needs to know with certainty. I am confident though that I can provide evidence to the satisfaction of almost any bidder. Quite fortuitously, I am able to prove my virginity by medical examination” adding that “upon request I will submit myself for unbiased physical examination and/or polygraph testing.”



( Courtesy HuffPost …….. Source ……… Our Entertainment Contributor in California

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