A Group of Illegal Emigrants are Detained at the Tripoli Port







Authorities in Libya  say that more than 150 sub-Saharan African  migrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast.

Deputy head of naval operations in Tripoli, Mohamed al-Baty, said Thursday  that a Libyan gang led one group of migrants to think the lights of a Libyan oil  field were the lights of Europe. Al-Baty says those aboard were Nigerian,  Ghanaian, and Senegalese and are currently detained in Libyan.

Also  Thursday, a naval spokesman said the Libyan coast guard detained 108  migrants, among them 35 women, from a boat near the coastal city of Tajoura.

Many sub-Saharan African migrants leave Libyan shores by boat every year  bound for Europe  in hopes of a better life.


( Courtesy AP & Libyan Government ………. Source ………… New Africa Business News)

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