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One of MKO Abiola’s daughters, Waliyah Abiola has delved into music.  Waliyah said she hates to tell people she is an Abiola, so people won’t  think she’s trying to use her father’s name to step up her career. She  said she has been doing her music without the name, and she is  comfortable with it.
She also said, her father loved music and would have supported her if he was still alive. Here is what she told Punch. Pretty girl!

Were your father to be alive, would he have supported this?
I think my father, the late MKO Abiola, would have supported me and  would have been quite tickled by the whole thing. He loved proverbs and  music; therefore, what I am doing is not strange. He loved to sing and  was in a band. He often sang at weddings and as a school boy in  Abeokuta. I have fond memories of him singing, “The Beatles” songs in  the kitchen. This must have been a relic from the time when he was  studying to become an accountant in Scotland. I am not relying on my  family name to gain acceptance. Many people have known me on the music  circuit for a year now and don’t even know my family background. It is  something I never bring up and this is the first time I’m discussing it  in an interview. I am proud of whom I am but as I don’t want to trade on it, I simply never mention it. I’m not very comfortable discussing it,  even now.



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