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Former tabloid staple Paris Hilton smells a ripoff!

The 33-year-old — who’s famous for being famous — sued a Los Angeles fragrance maker called Perfection Perfume. Hilton made a stink about the company allegedly peddling copies of her perfume, or “trademark scents” as she has described them, RadarOnline.com reports.

Hilton sniffs that she fears that the company not responding to her lawsuit has further damaged her brand as “it is likely that (Perfection Perfume) has continued and will continue its counterfeit activities.” She’s demanding $100,000 for, as she richly puts it, “damaging her reputation”. And while there’s long been a stench attached to the well-coiffed curiosity, she won a $27,000 lawsuit against two European companies for imitating her products.



( Courtesy The Vancouver Sun & Leader Post ……. Source…… Our Freelance Entertainment Contributor in California)

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