Senegal- Homecoming Rally For Ex-President Abdoulaye Wade

Ex President Wade

Ex President Wade







Senegal’s former president, Abdoulaye Wade, is due to return home on Wednesday after moving abroad following his election defeat, a move that comes as his son faces trial for corruption.

Wade, who held power for 12 years, spent nearly two years in France after losing to current President Macky Sall, his former prime minister turned arch-rival, in March 2012.

Wade, who has been living in the French town of Versailles, has scrapped several planned homecomings in the past. But a spokesman for his Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) told AFP on Monday that “this time, it’s confirmed: he will arrive early in the afternoon (Wednesday) in Dakar”.

In Wade’s absence, the country’s new authorities have hunted his son Karim, accusing him of corruption leading to his amassing a fortune when he was a so-called “super minister” in his father’s cabinet.

Karim Wade, 45, whose wealth includes land in Dakar, a fleet of luxury cars and media and finance companies operating across Africa, is due to be tried in June.



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