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The marriage between Nollywood actress, Sophia Chikere and  movie director Tchidi Chikere, reportedly crashed like a pack of badly  arranged cards. But long before the crash, there were several reports,  that another actress, Nuella Njubigbo, was dating the movie director. In fact, some reports openly suggested Nuella was the reason Tchidi sent  Sophia packing.

Since then, rumours were rife that both Tchidi  and Nuella found another haven in each other’s arms until a couple of  days back when the news broke that Tchidi would be having a traditional  marriage with Nuella on Friday, March 28, 2014, two days ago. From all  available information the wedding held and both Nuella and Tchidi are  now husband and wife.

As true as that is, no one ever believed  the director was actually going to marry Nuella because reports of their romance were something people received with levity and oftentimes, like a joke, that could only amuse and be forgotten. So, when the news of  their impending marriage broke, it was received like another joke,  especially, when the two parties involved,  neither came out to deny nor confirm anything.

Until the silence was broken by Nuella on  Thursday in a release sent to several media houses. She confirmed that  she would indeed, be getting married to the movie director, saying she  and Tchidi never crossed the lines as friends and that the talk about  her being pregnant for Tchidi was mere rumour.

“My heart is  remarkably at peace with this decision, and I am willing to take this  leap of faith which every married woman has taken. Where this love will  lead me I cannot say, I am not God, but, I have hope, faith and believe  that it will lead me to a good place. Every one of us in this life  deserves a chance to be happy. I am taking my own chance” she said.

But there was someone who found all she said not only distasteful but a  whole lot of baloney. That person is Sophia Chikere, who has claimed she is still legally married to the movie director.

Nuella released  her statement on Thursday night and Sophia was quick to follow Friday  morning. Hear her: I swear with my life, my children’s life and  everything I have, that Nuella started dating my husband before he left  the marriage. But because I respect my husband a lot, the father of my  three boys, I have kept calm and won’t talk and comment because there is no need to wash your dirty linen in public. Tchidi is a wonderful  husband and father and will always be.

But if Nuella opened her  mouth and said that she wasn’t dating my husband before he left the  marriage, if she’s lying, let her not see anything good in life and if  I’m lying,let me not see anything good in life.

This question is  for Nuella: Nuella, since you broke my marriage, have I called you? Have I looked for you? No! After what you did, you still have the right to  lie and say you were not in the picture? You want to deceive the public? But you can’t deceive God. You put what God has joined together asunder and made my children cry to bed every night.

I keep calm and you have the audacity to say that you weren’t dating my husband when we  were together? Let the wrath of God be your portion. Now that you have  taken my hubby and you are getting married to him like I heard, are you  happy? Are you fulfilled? Let the Almighty God fight for me and judge  you.

Let vengeance be of God who knows everything and sees  everything. My God is able and he’s not asleep. He sees. He knows. And  he feels what I feel. He is the Lord who cares for me and my kids. As for my husband, he is a wonderful father and I will never ever disrespect him”.


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