Gambia Border Closure with Senegal

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The Gambian government has ordered the closure of its border with neighbouring Senegal but gave no reason for the move, APA can report.An anonymous official of The Gambia Transport Union in Banjul confirmed on Sunday that an executive order was given for the closing of the border near the town of Amdalai which came into effect on Saturday.

He claimed that no reason has been given surrounding the recent border closure, but maintained that it resulted from an order emanating from the leaders of the country.

The closure comes three months after the start to an ongoing dispute with the Senegalese transport unions over new ferry tariffs which the Gambian authorities decreed should be paid in foreign currencies.

The Senegalese unions responsible for transport have since ordered their citizens to boycott the ferries.

Senegalese transporters use the ferries near the Gambian border town of Farafenni for access to the southern region of Casamance, cut off from the rest of Senegal by The Gambia which is hemmed in on all sides save the Atlantic Ocean by its much larger neighbour.



( Courtesy APA & Government of The Gambia …… Source …… New Africa Business News )

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