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Lizzy Gold Onuwaje

Lizzy Gold Onuwaje










Lizzy Gold Onuwaje is Miss Detlta State 2006 turned actress.Here is what she told Vanguard about men and wealth

“My former affair didn’t crash because I went into acting. The basic truth is, he doesn’t have money, so I decided to end the relationship. I dumped him in 2013 because he  didn’t have much in terms of money and he didn’t have any push as my  kind of man..

I like men that are caring. You have to be rich, caring, romantic and  nice. Some men are rich but stingy. Be rich and be willing to spend the  money. If I tell you I need anything, let me get the alert. I like  alerts (Laughs). Alerts turn me on.

Of course, if you don’t have money, don’t even bother to call my line, don’t even bother to admire my pictures (Laughs). I love money so much. I can’t marry a poor man. Never!I need a rich man; I don’t  want a man that is a bit okay.Money means a lot to me, in fact, money  turns me on. I just need to imagine so much money in my account and I’m  turned on. When I get a credit alert on my account, Oh my God, I get  turned on immediately.

If you are not rich; I can never be attracted to you. I like rich,  clean, fresh guys. When I say rich, I don’t mean ‘Yahoo’ kind of guys,  because they are not hardworking. I want a guy who is consistent with  his work and rich. Right now, I’m okay where I am, so I don’t think I’ll leave him for any other. “

LOL..No time….


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