Men who have refused to grow up









Immature men are on the rise.  

Dating, nowadays, can best be described as a battlefield. It’s tough and confusing because half of the time you do not even understand your partner.

It’s not just confusing, but hard to navigate, because it‘s really hard to find good maps to help you steer around in the dating minefield. And often, just when you believe you have it all figured out, and even consider yourself a connoisseur in all things dating, something new hits you smack in the face.

For women in particular, the last five or so years have been both traumatising and perplexing. This has been necessitated by the fact that men discovered their emotional side and learnt how to cry. We have had to endure and put up with one ridiculous behavioral trend after another. From desperate-for-attention metrosexual men, to bisexual men, to men behaving like divas.


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