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President Mugabe and  President Zuma

President Mugabe and
President Zuma







The African Union (AU) deserves applause for standing up to the European Union and choosing Mugabe as First Vice-Chairman of its executive. The AU has greater challenges to face in the context of recolonisation and imperialist domination to control Africa’s resources

After a long time of disappointing many people, the African Union [AU] has given some hope that it can defend and protect African interests without fear from the intimidation of imperialist countries.

It was an unprecedented bold act on the part of the African Union (AU) to elect President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe as First Vice-Chairman of its executive during the General Assembly meeting of African Heads in Addis Ababa on 30 January 2014. This appointment paves the way for him to be eligible for the chairmanship of the AU in 2015 next year.


The European Union (EU) imposed crippling economic sanctions on Zimbabwe in order to effect a “regime change.” Its member Britain proposed the invasion of this Africa country, like what it did in Iraq. The European Union therefore, reacted to the AU election of Mugabe angrily. The EU threatened not to invite President Mugabe to the coming summit of both the African Union and the European Union in April this year. Zimbabwe led by Mugabe remains targeted under a list of restrictive measures. These measures stop Mugabe and other ZANU-PF officials from travelling in Europe. The African Union has rejected the EU disrespect of Africa and her sovereign decision, democratically taken at the highest body of the African Continent.

Speaking on behalf of the AU, Zambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wylbur Simmusa said, “We must now speak with one voice and make sure we act in the interest of Africa.

That is why for the EU-Africa Summit coming up, where Zimbabwe is singled out with restrictions for President Robert Mugabe from attending, the position that the AU has taken is that if Zimbabwe won’t go, then Africa will not go and that has been agreed upon.”



The AU deserves congratulations and full support by all Africans on this important decision. For far too long, the AU has bowed to the ne-colonial machinations and arrogance of the European Union regarding the interests of African people.

History shows that when Africans fight for their rights Pan Africanly as a family, they always win. The stubborn fact is that Africans are one. They have a common destiny. In their struggles for Africa’s authentic liberation, they will win together or perish together.

The truth is that when Africans were enslaved or colonised by Western Europe, the perpetrators never cared whether their victims of the vile systems were Mozambicans, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Somalis, South Africans, Azanians, Batswana, Zambians, Zimbabweans or Basotho. They inflicted their atrocities on every African whether in Jamaica or in America.

Africa must not engage with the world as if she is a beggar with nothing to put on the international table. Africa has land and riches in it. African leaders must stop dealing with some of the world’s leaders as if they were demigods.


( Courtesy……..The Citizen……Source…….Our Freelance Contributor in South Africa)

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