Wrestling a national passion in Senegal

Olivier Asselin / The Associated Press

Olivier Asselin / The Associated Press



It was a big combat: Modou Lô, the Rock, versus Eumeu Sène, the man who beat the country’s wresting king before he was anointed.

For days, it was all anyone talked about — on the radio, in the streets, in embassy alerts warning their citizens to stay away, since impassioned fans the world over can get violent.

Wrestling is this country’s hockey — not just a sport, but a national religion, and a window onto its beating heart.

We got to the crumbling Demba Diop stadium 2 1/2 hours early, but already its concrete stands were packed with young men, rising and falling in roiling waves.

Our seats were cheap, far from the sand ring set up in the middle of the soccer pitch.


Source: The Star

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